Pes Cavus Shoes

Pes Cavus Shoes:

So no we know that Pes Cavus is a deformity of the foot, causing an unnaturally high arch.  One very common complaint when talking to pes cavus sufferers is difficulty finding comfortable shoes.  Pes Cavus shoes should be orthotic in nature, should provide support to the arch region and should be stable.  The goal of course is to purchase a shoe that helps to reduce the acute downward pressure placed on the ball of the foot during walking or running.  A good pes cavus shoe should, in practice, spread the impact from walking over a greater surface area of the foot, helping to reduce the affects of an abnormally high arch.  Pes Cavus shoes unfortunately are somewhat difficult to find.  There are a handful of manufacturers that specialize in shoes for specific foot conditions, and for Pes Cavus sufferers, Drew Shoes is the way to go.

The leader in pes cavus shoes is Drew Shoes.  The following shoes linked below have been widely recognized as the best shoes for pes cavus.  Amazon seems to have the best prices so I have included the links to a few of the best pes cavus shoes below.

Women’s Drew Shoes


Men’s Drew Shoes


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